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I teach at... Monroe Dance Academy, American Dance and Drama, American Tap Dance Foundation, Joffrey Ballet, Jam Dance and Fitness

I've choreographed for the Alpharetta High School Theater Department, Crab Apple Middle School Theater Department and NEAT Acting Studio

I've also taught master classes at Dream Center Dance Academy,, Hofstra University and Rosie's Theater Kids.

I'm also currently subbing at Broadway Dance Center

I've also assisted Barbara Duffy teaching at Tap City.

I currently the Artistic Director of Cole Collective, a tap dance company which focusses on finding the relation ship between the rhythm of the music with the sound and movement of the body. My works been present at Choreographer

Choreographers Canvas, Choreographers Collective, Astoria Dance Festival, Dance Astoria, Run the Night and Queensboro Dance Festival

Techniques Dance Studio (Wantagh, NY)
Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap (Ages 4 – 11)

Platinum Performance (Huntington, NY)
Tap (Ages 6-10)

Hofstra University Tap Class
(Hempstead, NY)
Substitute Tap Teacher for Anita Feldman

Dance Temp (Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC)
Substitute Dance Instructor (All Ages)

Christopher Studio of Theater and Dance (Oakdale, NY)
Ballet (Ages 8 – 25)

Beyond Dance (Brooklyn, NY)
Ballet, Jazz, Tap (Ages 3 – 10)

Camp Ballibay (Camptown, PA)
Tap (Ages 12-16)

Creative Arts Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
Ballet (Ages 5 – 9)

Tappy Hour (New York, NY)
Tap (Ages 21 – 75)

Private Lesson / Solo Work (Commack, NY)
Tap (Ages 15)

American Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts (Flushing, NY)
Creative Movement, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap (Ages 3-8), Competition Tap

Monroe Dance Academy (Monroe, CT)
Tap (Ages 9 – 60), Competition Group, Solos, Duets

Brooklyn Jewish Dance Institute (Brooklyn, NY)
Jazz, Tap (Ages 11 – 13)

LI Dance Extreme (Commack, NY)
Competition Tap (Ages 8 – 16)

Jam Dance and Fitness (Bellmore, NY)
Competition Jazz, Lyrical, Tap (Ages 5-17)

Christ the King High School After School Dance
Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz (Ages 4-12)

Christ the King Summer Camp
Creative Movement, Jazz, Lyrical, Drama (Ages 2-14)

Steps on Broadway (Sub)
Beg-Adv. Beg Tap

Peridance (Sub)
Beg-Adv. Beg Tap

Broadway Dance Center in NYC (Sub)
Beg-Adv. Beg Tap

Traditions in Tap (New York, NY)
Tap Assistant to Anita Feldman (Ages 10 – 15)

Undertoe Dance Festival (New York, NY and Long Island)
Tap Teacher and Choreographer  (Ages 12 –17)


Nicole Ohr is a professional tap dancer based in NYC. She was the Tap Dance Captain of Undertoe Dance Project and Mazel Toes Dance Company and has also performed with Boston Tap Company. She's had the opportunity of working with choreographers such as Felipe Galganni, Jared Grimes and Max Pollak, along with performing in shows such as Broadway Underground at B.B. King’s, the Main Event, Tap and Song and Rhythm in Motion at Symphony Space, Jacob’s Pillow, and The PULSE on Tour . You can find Nicole tapping in the Step Up 3D Broadway Dance Center’s promotional video, Jason Janas' upcoming instructional DVD, Aaron Tolson's Solepower promo video and in a So Danca article which featured an interview with Nicole. As a choreographer, Nicole has had her work presented at the Undertoe Dance New York Season, The Astoria Dance Festival, Jared Grimes' Run The Night and Justin Boccitto's Choreographer's Canvas, Dance Astoria, Choreographers' Collective and Queensboro Dance Festival. She is also the co-producer of Dance Astoria, a dance festival held annually at Bohemian Hall. As a teacher, she has had the opportunity to assist Barbara Duffy at Tap City (NY City Tap Festival) and is currently working as a dance Instructor and choreographer (various styles) in Connecticut and throughout the NYC area along with being a teaching artist for the Joffrey Ballet Miami Summer Intensive, for Undertoe Dance Company's Tappy Hour® and a sub at Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

Name: Nicole Ohr

D.O.B.: December 15, 1985 (Sagittarius)Located: Astoria, NY

Hobbies: Swimming, Listening to Live Music, Long Walks, Exploring new places.Love/Passion: Dance, Music

Awards/Credits: Choreography has been performed at Manhattan Movement Theatre, Astoria Dance Festival, Undertoe Dance Festival, Undertoe Anniversary Performances, Jared Grimes' Run The Night Competition at The Highline Ballroom and Choreographer's Canvas. She's also had her student choreography performed at Symphony Space Rockin Rhythm and throughout Connecticut and the NYC/Long Island area.

BA in Dance and Psychology, Dance Instructor at Techniques Dance Studio (2004-2008, Wantagh NY), Substitute Tap Instructor for Anita Feldman at Hofstra University (2006-2008, Hempstead NY), Tap Dance Instructor at Platinum Performance (2006-2008, Huntington NY), Hofstra Danceworks Tap Dance Choreographer (2006, Hempstead NY), Substitute Dance Instructor for Dance Temp (2008-Present, Long Island), Guest Tap Instructor and Choreographer at LaSalle HS (2008-Present, Pasadena CA), Ballet Instructor at Christopher Studios (2008-Present, Oakdale NY), Dance Instructor at Beyondance (2009-Present, Brooklyn NY), Assistant Tap Instructor for Anita Feldman at Traditions in Tap (2009, New York NY), Substitute Adult Tap Teacher for Dana Fisch (2009-Present, New York NY), Tap Instructor at Tappy Hour for Undertoe Dance Project (2009-Present, New York NY).

Other skills: Oboe, Swimming

Future Plans: In the future, I plan on performing all over the country (hip hop, modern, tap), teaching and choreographing. Eventually I would like to teach tap dance.

Videos of Choreography:

“Run the Night”

“Countdown” at Astoria Dance Festival

Jeremy Arnold and Nicole Ohr

2014 Queensboro Dance Festival

Dance Astoria 2016 - Lean On

Other Videos:

"All I Need" Choreographed by Arleigh Rothenberg

"So Gone" at Broadway Underground at B.B. Kings
Choreographed by Jared Grimes


For Mazel Toes Tap Dance Company:

As a Dance Teacher, I've taught throughout the trip state area, various styles of dance. I teach both recreational and competitive dance. My goal as a teacher is to not only build my students' technique but also build their confidence along with their love for dance. I like my students to try to achieve one goal each class, no matter how big or small that goal is.

Here's some links to my choreography:

2016 IDA Nominee (People's Choice) - East Haven CT - Monroe Dance Academy - Jumpin' Jive

MAN IN THE MIRROR - MONROE DANCE ACADEMY [Providence, RI] 2016 Industry Dance Awards - Outstanding Performance /// TAP///

Daft Punk - Monroe Dance Academy [Providence, RI] 2015 Industry Dance Awards - Outstanding Performance /// BEST TAP ///

That's Life - Tap Solo 2014 Tap solo at Nuvo dance competition

Ariel's Solo - Astoria Dance Festival "Set Me Free" - Choreographed by Nicole Ohr

UV LX 0611 Tap Trio

“Before He Cheats”- Caitlyn Tolchin 2016 Caitlyn Tolchin / JAM Superstars JAM Dance and Fitness at the 2016 Starpower National Dance Competition at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT June 27 - Jul

“Son of a Preacher Man”- Caitlyn Tolchin w/ JAM Superstars July 2015 Caitlyn Tolchin w/ JAM Superstars Tap Dance to "Son of a Preacher Man" Believe National Dance Competition in Ocean City Maryland on July 06, 2015

"I Want You Back" tap dance with Caitlyn Tolchin w/ JAM Candy Girls Believe National Dance Competition in Ocean City Maryland on July 06, 2015

“Gibberish”- Caitlyn Tolchin / JAM Candygirls JAM Dance and Fitness at the 2016 Starpower National Dance Competition at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT June 27 - July 1

I'm also level one trained by the American Tap Dance Foundation • I'm also co-producer of dance astoria

Latest student video: "Fools" Choreographed by Nicole Ohr Danced by Monroe Dance Academy

Questions, answers, notes and more.

Q: From your experience what do you think is the hardest and easiest thing about choreography in general?

A: The hardest part of choreography is trying to get your idea across and knowing when you've achieved that.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about choreography?

A: One of my favorite things about choreography is the freedom within it. You can choreography whatever you feel.

Q: What style of dance(s) do you choreographic?

A: I choreography ballet, hp hop, jazz, lyrical, modern and tap.

Q: What is your favorite style of dance to choreographic and why?

A: My favorite style to choreograph is tap. I think in rhythms.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about teaching dance?

A: My favorite thing about teaching dance is seeing the improvement in my students

Q: What style dance(s) do you teach?

A: I teach all styles of dance; ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern and tap.

Q: What is you favorite style of dance to teach and why?

A: My favorite style to teach is tap dance because you get to teach music along with steps.

Q: What do you think is one of the most important things about teaching dance, and what do you think makes a good dance teacher?

A: The most important part about teaching is focusing on the improvement of your students and also having fun. You have to find that happy medium between work and play.

Q: Every choreographer is unique in their own way. When people see dance presentations, what unique thing(s) will they notice to know that you choreographic the presentation?

A: One unique thing people will notice in my choreography is that I incorporate many different styles of dance into my choreography.